Introducing Ahmad Alalwash: Our Newest Founding Engineer at Receiptable

We're thrilled to introduce Ahmad Alalwash, the latest addition to our engineering team here at Receiptable. Ahmad joins us with a wealth of experience and a passion for innovative solutions that promise to drive our company forward.
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Receiptable secures first pre-seed funding: A leap forward in fintech innovation

After hours of great conversations with potential investors we’re able to share our excitement with you all. Receiptable has just closed its first pre-seed funding round,
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Receiptable's New Office: Unlocking Innovation in the Heart of Seef Mall!

Last week marked a significant milestone for Receiptable as we officially moved into our brand new office space! After a few late nights and a lot of hard work, our new home is starting to feel just right, and I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome
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Unlocking Opportunities at Web Summit Qatar: A Receiptable Recap

Team Receiptable, represented by Chris and Dominic, embarked on an exciting journey to Qatar this week to partake in Web Summit, a dynamic conference that spanned three action-packed days. This immersive experience not only allowed us to showcase our
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Exciting news - New offices in Bahrain

The past two weeks were a whirlwind of activity for our team! Our CEO, Chris Purdie, and Head of Engineering, Dominic Cooper-Wootton, have been on the move, meeting with key potential partners, scouting top talent, and searching for the perfect off..
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From Corporate Ladder to Startup Hustle: The Christopher Purdie Story

In the latest episode of Overnight Founders, we delve into the fascinating journey of Christopher Purdie, who traded the predictability of a corporate career for the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship...
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Creating a Fintech Business Through Innovation: The Journey of Receiptable

Creating a Fintech Business Through Innovation: The Journey of Receiptable In the dynamic world of fintech, innovation is not just a buzzword; it's a necessity. CEO CF had the privilege to dive deep into the heart of fintech innovation with Chris P..
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Introducing Dominic: The Innovative Head of Engineering at Receiptable

Meet Dominic, the latest addition to our team at Receiptable. Get to know how he intends to lead us in our aim to reinvent digital receipts like never before, leveraging his technical expertise and innovative vision to make it happen...
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